Product News: Economic & Fully Motorised Gel Documentation System

27 Aug 2010

The new GENi System from Syngene is a fully motorised gel documentation system that generates true 16-bit, publication quality images of fluorescent and coloured DNA and protein gels.

Designed for simple, quick detection, the GENi gel documentation system is fitted with a fully motorised camera and zoom lens, providing an impressive 2 mega pixel resolution, as well as a six position motorised filter wheel, ensuring safe, hands-off imaging in seconds. GENi features a compact darkroom and built-in computer with a large touch screen, which means the system takes up minimal bench space, while still offering users complete control of the camera, optics and filters. The screen also enables easy access to icons linked to Syngene’s patented imaging methods ensuring scientists can rapidly and easily produce high quality images.

The GENi‘s darkroom contains a slide out transilluminator and fold down white light table for DNA and protein gel applications. An internal white light allows for easy focusing, and the safety interlocking doors automatically turns off the transilluminator when opened, preventing accidental UV exposure.

The system’s powerful integral processor allows users to generate, print and save perfect gel and blot images every time. To obtain data, researchers can save images to a USB memory stick using the USB port conveniently located on the front of the GENi and transfer the file to a lab computer. Then by using Syngene’s intuitive image analysis software GeneTools, images can be analysed for base pair number and molecular weight for accurate quantification.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “We are proud of our new GENi because it includes many innovative features seen on much more expensive systems. For scientists with limited space or budgets the combination of intelligent design and patented imaging technologies makes GENi the best value gel doc system for high quality imaging of all commercial fluorescent and visible dyes.”