Product News: eBioscience Launches New Kits for ELISA

17 Nov 2011

eBioscience is pleased to announce the launch of 54 kits designed to work alongside the newest product innovation, the InstantOne™ Phospho ELISA. The kits include targets, ERK, AKT, NFκB, and STATs. These InstantOne cell signaling assays improve on the traditional sandwich ELISA format for qualitative determination of phosphorylation, greatly increasing speed and ease with greater sensitivity over other methods.

“Users recognize the greater flexibility, ease of use, and reduced assay time due to improvements in our technology”, said Product Manager, Matt Slater. The assay’s proprietary mechanism allows the target analyte to bind to the antibodies in solution as the complex binds to the plate. Both the sample and the assay reagents are added to the assay plate at the same time, providing significant time savings in the ELISA workflow. The entire process takes just over an hour to complete.

In addition to the ease that the 1-hour/1-wash InstantOne Phospho ELISA provides, it also adds a layer of flexibility not readily accessible with traditional sandwich ELISAs. Because the antibodies are not pre-coated in the wells, several different targets can be analyzed simultaneously on the same plate by adding different antibody reagent cocktails to the wells. Analysis of both total and phosphorylated targets across family members or down pathways in the same plate has never been easier.