Product News: Gal4 DUALhybrid cDNA Libraries and cDNA Construction Kits Now Available from Dualsystems Biotech

19 Feb 2013

More than 100 premade standard or normalized cDNA libraries are now available from Dualsystems Biotech AG. Delivered as purified plasmid DNA, these high complexity, full length cDNA libraries arrive ready for screening. They include Gal4 based DUALhybrid libraries and split-ubiquitin based libraries as well as normalized cDNA libraries. Also available are construction kits for the creation of directional or normalized cDNA.

The Gal4 based cDNA libraries are designed for use with Dualsystems’ DUALhybrid protein interaction screening kits as well as compatible yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) systems. The cDNAs in these libraries are cloned into pGAD-HA or pGAD-DS (N-terminal GAL4-fusion). Split-ubiquitin based libraries are intended for use with the DUALmembrane/DUALhunter system and adapted Y2H technologies. In these libraries, cDNAs are cloned into pPR3-N (N-terminal NubG-fusion) or pPR3-C (C-terminal NubG-fusion). The company’s normalized cDNA libraries contain an increased percentage of rare transcripts and fewer abundant sticky proteins, resulting in cleaner screens and fewer false positives.

Dualsystems Biotech’s EasyClone cDNA library construction kits enable researchers to quickly and easily create full length, enriched double stranded cDNA from total RNA or polyA+ RNA samples. cDNAs are amplified by representational PCR and cloned into an appropriate expression vector.