Product News: Driving Innovation in Cancer Therapeutics

03 Apr 2012

TTP Labtech has showcased its renowned acumen® eX3 for screening multiplexed cell-based imaging assays, as well as mirrorball® for high sensitivity screening during antibody development at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Chicago this week. Visitors to the booth were able to see the wide range of high-content screening applications that acumen eX3 is used for in cancer research.

Enabling high throughput for high-content screening (HCS), the acumen eX3 laser scanning imaging cytometer is designed to be the fastest high-content imager on the market. With the ability to analyse over 300,000 wells a day at a resolution equivalent to a 20x microscope objective, acumen eX3 can perform multiplex assays in cells, tissues, or small animals. This enables you to assess multiple parameters (for example, mitotic index, colony formation, cell adhesion, angiogenesis) in a single assay, which is essential when studying complex disease states and pathogens.

acumen eX3 is flexible and simple to use - its speed and multiplexing capabilities allow you to significantly reduce the time to results in the discovery of novel cellular pathways and new therapeutic strategies. Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the acumen eX3 in the identification of the roles of protein kinase C α & δ isoforms in PMA-induced HB-EGF ectoderm shedding, the high content screening analysis of neutrophil chemotaxis assays and the inhibition of mitotic progression and induction of vascular normalisation.

TTP Labtech also displayed mirrorball, a high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery, which provides a simple and easy solution to automated hybridoma screening.