Product News: Don’t be boring - join the uprising!

12 Oct 2007

Tecan’s fresh and vibrantly colored laboratory instruments have kick-started a transformation among laboratory scientists. The popular Sunrise™ microplate reader and the new HydroFlex™ 3-in-1 platform are now available in bright orange, blue, red and green.

Life science is an exciting and fascinating field to work in, but most laboratories are full of boring-looking, dusty gray instruments. Tecan’s bold and colorful Sunrise and HydroFlex systems will brighten up any laboratory and bring a little fun to the workplace.

The colorful new look was first displayed at the Medica 2006 exhibition and a hot debate now rages over which color is best. Join in with your thoughts on the article webpage, where you have the chance to win a Sunrise or a HydroFlex in one of the available colors or an iPod Nano every month until the end of the year.

The HydroFlex is a compact and versatile platform for automated vacuum filtration, magnetic bead separation and microplate washing. It provides increased productivity and reliable results by automating a range of 96-well format applications, including PCR clean-up and bead assays, ELISAs, cell assays and protein arrays. The Sunrise system is a fast, 12-channel absorbance reader for 96-well microplates that provides all the functionality needed for numerous applications in diagnostics, biotechnology and research laboratories. Order your new HydroFlex or Sunrise system in the color of your choice – but be prepared to do battle with your colleagues!