Product News: Don Whitley Scientific Limited Announce the Launch of a New Four-Port Anaerobic Workstation

22 Nov 2012

The Whitley A95 Workstation is the largest model in the Don Whitley Scientific range of modified atmosphere chambers with a capacity of up to 1,400 Petri dishes. As the only company to incorporate the latest in full color, touch screen technology it is possible to offer customers some unique features and benefits.

The system comprises:

• An integral 30 liter airlock with automatic internal door, which can transfer 90 plates in only 5 minutes (20% faster than the previous large airlock);
• Cost-effective, dual gas operation that contributes to low running costs;
• Optional fully integrated Anaerobic Conditions Monitor with data download facility;
• Remote monitoring, which is unique to Don Whitley Scientific, allows access from any computer or mobile device with a secure internet connection. This enables users to review and alter system settings, change user access levels, and receive expert product support;
• Maintenance free dehumidification system for automatic humidity control.

The A95 features four oval, manual, sleeved ports that enable two people to operate simultaneously within the same workstation. These ports also act as mini-airlocks for 10 plates each, so for smaller quantities of samples you don’t have to use the airlock, providing further savings on gas.

As manufacturing is carried out in our own factory, Don Whitley Scientific have the flexibility to offer a range of additional options and accessories to tailor a system to a customer’s specific requirements. Such options include a single plate entry system, internal power socket, automatic sleeve gassing or a microscope attachment. The company also manufactures other products that are ideal for use in conjunction with the A95 such as the Whitley Petrifoto System and the Mini-Incubator.