Product News: DNASTAR Launches Lasergene v8.1 Software with New Sequence Analysis Functions

08 Dec 2009

DNASTAR today released its latest version of Sequence Analysis software, Lasergene v8.1. New features include an automated virtual Multisite Gateway cloning capability, and Assemble in Groups for simultaneous analysis of SNPs from multiple sources. The new desktop software also provides additional SNP reporting capabilities that include neighborhood quality scoring. Expanded Next-Gen data analysis capabilities permit users to easily analyze and manage larger projects generated from Roche 454®, Illumina®, ABI SOLiD and Helicos platforms.

Marketing Director Bob Steinhauser indicated “Lasergene v8.1 continues DNASTAR’s commitment to constantly upgrading our software to provide users with the latest tools available for a wide range of sequence analysis applications. The additions of a virtual Multisite Gateway cloning capability along with the multi-sample SNP comparisons will provide our users with some very powerful tools. The ease of interfacing with our GenVision software for novel graphics and analyses is a further strong feature for our research customers.”

Lasergene is one of the leading commercial software packages available for a variety of sequence assembly and analysis projects for over 10 years. It is a comprehensive, easy to use software product that can be used with a wide range of conventional and “Next Generation” molecular biology sequencing projects. It has been sold in over 70 countries worldwide and can be found in most of the leading government, academic and biopharmaceutical companies where DNA and protein sequence analysis is performed.

Lasergene v8.1 is compatible with the company’s new Next Generation Sequence assembly tool, SeqMan NGen. Many of the new Features are designed to provide increased analysis flexibility to Next Generation sequence analysis projects. Lasergene v8.1 is compatible with Windows XP®, Vista™ and Windows 7, as well as Mac® Os X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

Currently, DNASTAR produces Lasergene, a sequence analysis software suite; GenVision®, a data visualization software application; SeqMan NGen™ for next generation sequence assembly and ArrayStar®, a microarray gene expression visualization tool.