Product News: DNASTAR’s SeqMan NGen Software Introduced on Linux

26 May 2011

DNASTAR® announced the release of SeqMan NGen software for the Linux operating system today. This powerful DNA sequence assembly tool is now available on Linux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

SeqMan NGen is the most powerful next-generation sequence assembly software available in the market and can assemble a whole human genome using a reference on a desktop computer in less than a day. Small, bacterial genomes are routinely assembled in a minute or less. SeqMan NGen also performs very well on de novo projects and supports genome, transcriptome and metagenome assembly and similar applications.

Sequence assembly projects can be set up and run in SeqMan NGen using either scripting commands or the Graphical User Interface (GUI) included with the software. Scripting facilitates incorporation into a software and hardware pipeline and other automation opportunities. The SeqMan NGen GUI, which includes integrated Help documentation, continues DNASTAR’s long-standing commitment to delivering powerful, easy to use software to life scientists, which the company has been doing for more than 25 years.

Tom Schwei, Vice President and General Manager of DNASTAR, stated, “Many organizations have existing Linux computers and clusters that they wanted to take advantage of in accessing the capabilities of SeqMan NGen for large-scale genomic assemblies. Also, many corporate and academic core facilities have specifically chosen Linux as the preferred operating system for computationally intensive applications. We are pleased to be able to offer a solution to these customers that will work well with their existing computer infrastructure and, with the ability to easily incorporate SeqMan NGen into a scripted workflow, software that can fit into virtually any sequencing pipeline.

SeqMan NGen results can be easily distributed in BAM file or other file formats for analysis in SeqMan Pro, which was upgraded as part of the DNASTAR Lasergene 9 software release in April 2011. With the introduction of SeqMan NGen on Linux, DNASTAR now offers a complete sequencing software solution for any organization regardless of how they are organized to support sequencing applications – using centralized computers for assembly with end user computers for analysis or having scientists perform both assembly and analysis work on their own desktop computers.”