Product News: DiscoveRx Now Offers the Broadest Panel of β-Arrestin GPCR Assays

14 Dec 2006

DiscoveRx Corporation today announced that it has expanded its cell-based PathHunter™ β-Arrestin assays to include 45 validated cell products, each expressing a different Gi, Gs or Gq -coupled receptor.

By offering cells, GPCR expression vectors, and custom services for all GPCR classes - without a license fee - DiscoveRx now has the broadest, most accessible product portfolio for measuring direct activation of GPCR signaling.

PathHunter™ β-Arrestin Assays are the first chemiluminescent GPCR assays that measure the activation of Gi, Gs and Gq coupled receptor signaling by direct arrestin recruitment - rather than through a secondary messenger. Moreover, unlike imaging assays, a fast and simple, single-addition protocol is used, which provides broad assay window and robust z’. Combined, these breakthroughs make β-Arrestin Assays the ideal universal GPCR screening platform. DiscoveRx introduced the PathHunter Arrestin technology in the spring of 2006 and, in keeping with its strategic goal of product enhancement and expansion, now offers the widest variety of whole cell assays for measuring translocation, secretion, degradation, expression and protein:protein interactions.

"DiscoveRx is a leader in GPCR screening technology and we are excited to provide a whole suite of products that address a variety of screening needs," said Pyare Khanna, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer of DiscoveRx.

"DiscoveRx is committed to fueling drug discovery research by developing simple solutions for complex screening needs of targets with important biological and therapeutic relevance."