Product News: High Sensitivity ADP Accumulation Assays for Kinases and ATPases

08 May 2007

ADP Hunter™ and ADP Quest™ family of assays are generic, antibody-free, homogeneous assays for identifying and characterizing phosphotransferase activity. In contrast to standard kinase assays which rely on antibody detection of a phospho-epitope or monitoring ATP depletion, these assays measure ADP accumulation, generating a positive readout in direct proportion to the phosphotransferase activity. Detection of ADP activity is based on an enzyme-coupled reaction converting ADP to a fluorescent signal.

The assays are simple, can be used with any substrate type, and are ideal for both screening and enzyme characterization. The assays can also be applied to detecting other NDPs, including GDP and UDP and have been broadly applied to enzyme other than kinases, such as ATPases.

ADP Hunter Plus and ADP Hunter HS are designed for screening kinases and ATPases as they have low compound interference and may be used with up to 2mM DTT. These assays exhibit a broad ATP tolerance and are applicable to both high and low activity enzymes. ADP Hunter HS is a high sensitivity assay with very low background and a large signal to background ratio, enabling detection of as little as 300nM ADP.

• Endpoint (screening) and kinetic modes
• High sensitivity
• Any substrate type

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