Product News: DiscoveRx to Launch PathHunter™ GPCR Explorer Kit for Building On-Demand Functional GPCR Assays at MipTec 2010

15 Sep 2010

Visit DiscoveRx to learn more about the new PathHunter™ GPCR Explorer Kit, a fast and simple system that enables development of novel GPCR biosensor assays for any GPCR in just 3 days. Whether you have a panel of mutant GPCR cDNAs, a favorite Orphan or Ortholog GPCR or a GPCR heterodimer you’d like to functionally test, the simple, optimized transfection protocol combined with chemiluminescent detection makes it the ideal platform for GPCR heterodimerization, siRNA knockdown, or mutant receptor studies.

DiscoveRx understands the pressure to meet publication and grant deadlines or hit important drug discovery milestones. Now with the GPCR Explorer kit you can quickly and easily generate high quality, proof-of-concept data for a wide variety of GPCRs in just 3 simple steps: 

Clone it. Transfect it. Read it.

First clone your GPCR of interest into one of our four ProLink Cloning Vectors. All ProLink Cloning vectors utilize a minimal CMV promoter for maximal expression in mammalian cells. When you are ready to assay, plate your EA-Arrestin CHO-K1 cells in the provided 96-well plates and transfection 24-48 hours later, transfect your GPCR of interest using our highly optimized transfection protocol and perform the functional GPCR assay.

Product Features:
• Based on the G-protein independent -Arrestin read-out
• Contains highly transfectable, ready to assay CHO-K1 cells
• Fast and simple protocol
• Choice of vectors optimized for maximal expression in mammalian cells
• Use with any standard luminometer

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