Product News: DiscoveRx announces a revolutionary application for their PathHunter™ technology platform, winner of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

01 Sep 2006

DiscoveRx Corporation will be presenting their new Beta-Arrestin assay, another innovative application of PathHunter™ technology at the Society for Biomolecular Screening conference, 2006. 

PathHunter Beta-Arrestin is a universal GPCR screening platform that utilizes a proprietary ProLink™ tag along with the well established enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) technology for studying GPCR activation by Beta-Arrestin recruitment. This launch further strengthens DiscoveRx leadership position as a key provider of GPCR assays. DiscoveRx plans to offer the PathHunter Beta-Arrestin technology without requiring expensive licensing arrangements.

PathHunter utilizes a proprietary ProLabel™ tag and has proven to be an enabling system for drug discovery that provides a unique assay platform to measure protein expression, degradation, secretion and translocation for a variety of drug discovery target classes. With the launch of the ProLink tag and Beta-Arrestin assay, a whole new suite of PathHunter assays that revolve around protein-protein interactions will soon be possible. This innovative and versatile technology platform was awarded the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. Dr. Keith Olson, VP of Product Development, will be presenting this exciting new technology at the Society of Biomolecular Screening 2006 conference in Seattle on Mon, Sept 18th at 9am, room 620.

The company will also be presenting the following technical posters at SBS (click poster title for more information):

  1. Development of a non-imaging, homogeneous assay format for analysis of arrestin recruitment as a detection method for generic GPCR screening
  2. A technique using b-galactosidase (b-Gal) enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) to directly characterize inhibitor binding to active and unactive kinases
  3. Application of a homogeneous, non-imaging cell-based assay for rapid and direct detection of NHR translocation 
  4. Utilization of a mitotic index biosensor in a homogeneous assay format for identification of siRNAs that inhibit mitosis
  5. An optimized assay format with minimized compound interference for kinase primary screening using ADP accumulation
  6. A Novel Calcium No Wash Assay for Analysis of GPCR Signaling

Additional posters highlighting DiscoveRx Technology at SBS 2006:

  1. An analysis of the Mitotic Index Assay with respect to cell toxicity in a high throughput screening format; Myron Srikumaran, Abbott Laboratories
  2. A fully automated, homogeneous [35S]GTPgammaS SPA binding assay in 1536-well plate format; Sarah Shi, Merck & Co.
  3. Comparison of no wash dyes for FLIPR calcium mobilization assays; Donna Terenzio, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  4. Screening for HsEg5 Inhibitors using ArQule's Proprietary Libraries; Bin Zhang, ArQule Inc.
  5. Identification of Small Molecule Allosteric Modulators Downregulating Gs- and Gi-coupled GPCRs by Enzyme Fragment Complementation Assay; Han Xu, Amgen

Detailed information will be available at booth #2601, where you can also register to win a T-Mobile Sidekick cell phone.