Product News: Discover Alpha Innotech’s Gel and Western Imaging Systems at AACR

07 Apr 2009

Visit our booth, number 1017, for a live demonstration of fluorescent Western blot imaging with the FluorChem® Q Imaging System, a quantitative Western blot imaging system. Also, meet the red™ personal gel imager, an imaging system that is truly plug and play, and requires no training to use!

Discover the FluorChem® Q Imaging System, the quantitative imaging system for your fluorescent and chemiluminescent western blots. The FluorChem® Q Imaging System is uniquely designed for quantitiative imaging of multiplex fluorescent westerns, with dyes such as Cy3 Cy5 and Cy2. With fast lens technology to provide rapid detection and quantitate chemiluminescent westerns without the need for film or a scanner.

Also at AACR this year find out how the red™ personal gel imager combines advanced imaging technology with an integrated on-board computer in a compact unit, red™ is ideal for 1-D gel imaging... Every aspect of red™ is designed for maximum ease of use. No instrument setup is required, just take it out of the box and plug the system into an outlet. Turn it on, the software automatically loads, and you are ready to image a range of fluorescent and colorimetric stained gels using its simple intuitive touch screen.

Stop by at booth number 1017 during AACR for more information!