Product News: Dionex Introduces New Anion Column for Gradient Separation of Multivalent Anions in Complex Sample Matrices

09 May 2011

Dionex Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the IonPac® AS25 anion-exchange hydroxide selective column. This high capacity column is designed for gradient separation of multivalent anions including polarizable anions (perchlorate) and sulfur speciation (sulfite, sulfate, thiocyanate and thiosulfate) in approximately 30 minutes without the use of solvent.

The key application is sulfur speciation in complex sample matrices including chemical and petrochemical wastewater effluents and in food and beverage samples. The elimination of solvents reduces waste disposal costs and allows the customer to use RFIC-EG technology for this application.

The column is available in 4 × 250 mm, 2 × 250 mm and 0.4 × 250 mm formats. Capillary and microbore formats provide low eluent consumption and improved sensitivity.

For more information, visit the company article page or contact your local Dionex representative.