Product News: Dionex Extends Capillary IC Capabilities for Higher Laboratory Throughput and Higher Resolution Separations

16 Mar 2011

Dionex Corporation is pleased to announce extended capabilities for its ICS-5000 Capillary Ion
Chromatography system including a new Autosampler, suppressor accessories, and columns that provide fast and easy-to-use separation solutions.

The ICS-5000 system uses higher linear flow rates and pressure-optimized consumables thus making it ideal for fast IC, with short run times as low as 3–5 minutes, increasing laboratory throughput by up to four times. As capillary IC requires only 0.4 μL samples, the ICS-5000 system is the perfect platform for expanding into biological applications, such as metabolomics where high resolution analysis is required.

The new full-featured, advanced performance AS-AP Autosampler for the ICS-5000 system offers excellent precision, flexibility, and features to optimize the performance for almost any application. With options for AutoDilution and the first ever integrated in-line sample conductivity and pH measurement accessory in an IC autosampler, the autosampler provides unparalleled performance and automation.

It offers support for concentration, matrix removal, and its low carryover and contamination enhancements are ideal for ultratrace analysis. The autosampler supports dual IC systems, fraction collection, and sample preparation for increased productivity and greater labor savings for high-throughput laboratories by providing fast cycle times and high sample capacity, from 81 × 10 mL vials to 1152 samples with micro-well plates.

The ICS-5000 system is fully supported by the enterprise edition of the Chromeleon® chromatography Data System (CDS) software version 7.1 which provides extensive instrument control, data management, reporting, and compliance features.

New columns supporting the ICS-5000 system include:
• Five new IonPac® anion and cation columns
• IonSwift™ MAX-200 monolith anion-exchange column
• IonPac CS19 cation-exchange column
• IonPac AS25 anion-exchange hydroxide selective column
• IonPac AS26 anion-exchange column

A 2-Dimensional IC (2-D IC) method has been developed to separate the nine HAAs in various drinking water matrices.

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