Product News: Flexible New Approach for Cell Based Assays

01 Mar 2012

Curiox Biosystems is pleased to display The DropArray™ System, offering researchers freedom from the constraints of conventional cellular assay platforms. The DropArray™ System expands the scope of research possible using primary cells, stem cells, suspension cells and more.

The novel science of the DropArray™ System allows for flexibility not available with standard cellular assay tools. It is the unique surface dynamic of this wall-less microwell plate system that makes it a powerful tool, suitable for any cell-based assay.

• Enabling wash-based assays using a broad range of cell types, including live suspension cells, with minimal cell loss.
• Requiring less than 500 cells per data point.
• Using only 2-3 ul of sample and reagents.
• Providing long-term cell culture of 3 ul samples for up to 2 weeks.

The DropArray™ System is a new approach to cell based assays. This unique platform will decrease the costs of your current cellular assays, increase the range of testing that can be performed with commonly used adherent cells and open doors to new possibilities for cells in precious supply or those more challenging to assay, such as weakly adherent or live suspension cells. Visit Curiox Biosystems at BOOTH 2126 to learn more about this revolutionary product line.