Product News: Cronus Technologies Announces the Launch of the Trinean Xpose - A New Micro‐Volume

08 Feb 2013

Trinean, Cronus Technologies’ partner in microfluidics spectrophotometry, has announced the launch of the Xpose, a new microvolume spectrophotometer for high speed quantification of 1 to 16
nucleic acid or proteins samples.

The design of the Xpose and its microfluidic slides, redefines manual UV/VIS quantification into a convenient, high speed solution. The Xpose drop and read approach avoids time‐consuming sample loading and cleaning steps thereby minimizing the hands‐on time on the reader. The full‐color touch screen gives single touch access to advanced analytical software, including dye‐free specific quantification of DNA, RNA or protein in samples containing interfering components, using Trinean’s proprietary algorithms for UV/VIS spectral deconvolution.

Trinean’s proven best‐in‐class full UV/VIS spectral optics is combined with unique microfuidic properties of the Xpose slides, to guarantee high accuracy and sensitivity for bio‐molecule quantification in volumes as low as 2 μL. The microfluidic slides assure highly reproducible and standardized quantification of samples from very low to very high biomolecule concentrations with a linear dynamic range of almost 10000 fold. Moreover, the Xpose slides protect samples from evaporation, thereby allowing preparation and storage of samples for up to 2 hours prior to read‐out.

Dr. David Coulson, Business Manager for Cronus Technologies confirms "with the addition of another exciting new technology to our portfolio, we are delighted to offer researchers the ability to quantify micro volume nucleic acid or protein samples whilst simultaneously detecting contamination in their samples. This is an important QC step, offering Biomolecular Quantification by Spectral Content Profiling, not previously possible on a single, compact instrument”.