Product News: Labs Globally Benefit from Industry-Standard Covaris DNA Shearing Performance

15 Apr 2012

The M220 Ultrasonicator is the newest DNA shearing system from Covaris. The M220 is designed for Next-Gen sequencing applications. Using highly controlled AFA™ (Adaptive Focused Acoustics) technology, the M220 reproducibly shears DNA into random fragments ranging from 200bp to 3.0kb.

Compact, cost effective, and easy-to-use, the M220 "Personal Fragmenter" is the ideal shearing system for MiSeq™ and PGM™ users. The M220 includes integrated cooling, eliminating the extra cost and space required for an external chiller, as well as reducing startup time to under 10 minutes. Using the acoustically engineered Covaris' microTUBE and miniTUBE consumables, the M220 provides the high quality shearing results researchers have come to expect from Covaris.

According to Jim Laugharn, President and CEO "Prior to Covaris AFA, the pre-analytical step to uniformly fragment DNA under controlled conditions was difficult to enable unbiased and uniform deep coverage while maximizing library complexity and quality; both critical for clinical relevance. Today's highly sensitive NGS systems are clearly showing the biological relevance of controlled, isothermal fragmentation."

The M220 provides the same performance benefits as the market leading S-series and E-series systems from Covaris including, precise energy control for user-selectable DNA fragment lengths, an isothermal process eliminating heat-induced molecular damage, closed vessels for highest sample recovery, and a non-contact process that eliminates cross contamination and clean-up. The M220 was recently released at SLAS and will be presented with performance data at AGBT 2012. Additional applications for the M220 are currently in development, such as biomarker extraction and chromatin shearing.

Covaris offers a complete range of DNA shearing products for all Next-Gen sequencing needs. For more information about the M220 Ultrasonicator please visit the company article page.