Product News: Biomarker Extraction Workflow For Small Tissue Samples is Enhanced by Single-Use Device

10 May 2012

The t-PREP™ Biomarker Extraction System is a single-use device for small tissue samples that improves sample preservation and increases recovery while significantly improving the tissue processing workflow. By enhancing the pre-analytical sample preparation of small tissue samples the t-PREP accelerates the experimental process and enables new discoveries.

The t-PREP is purpose-designed for small (< 10 mg) labile tissue samples. By integrating the entire process from point of collection flash-freezing, to dry cryofracture and homogenization – all in a single device – the t-PREP becomes the ideal tool for extracting labile molecules (e.g., RNA and phosphoproteins) from irreplaceable biospecimens. The resultant workflow has the added benefit of increasing throughput, by decreasing hands-on time to seconds per sample. In addition, the t-PREP was engineered to work with the Covaris AFA Ultrasonicators for isothermal extraction.

Controlling both the preservation and the processing of tissue samples is essential to obtain accurate, reproducible results. The importance of handling small samples is further compounded with labile targets. The t-PREP is the only device available that provides an integrated, single-tube workflow for small tissue biospecimens.

The novel t-PREP extends the range of Covaris’ controlled tissue processing solutions with its truMARKER™ product line from samples as large as 10 grams to less than 10 mg.