Product News: Corning® Synthemax® II-SC Substrate for Stem Cell Research to be Unveiled

11 Jun 2012

Corning Life Sciences, a segment of Corning Incorporated, is aiming to introduce the Corning® Synthemax® II-SC Substrate, a self-coating synthetic surface for stem cells, June 13-16 at the International Society for Stem Cell Research’s 10th annual meeting in Yokohama, Japan.
The material creates a unique synthetic surface that is designed to mimic the natural cell environment and supports the growth and differentiation of stem cells. Corning Life Sciences will officially unveil its latest innovation in booth #700 at the annual meeting.

The surface supports the adhesion and expansion of stem cells in their undifferentiated state and directed differentiation into specialized cell types. It also provides researchers with a xeno-free alternative to biological coatings and/or feeder cell layers used in human embryonic stem (hES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell cultures.

“Current methods to maintain hESCs and iPSCs in an undifferentiated state employ mouse feeder layers or biological substrates. Both of these can be problematic because they are difficult to work with, can be inconsistent, and introduce the possibility of contamination from the animal source,” said Ken Ludwig, business manager, Bioprocess and Cell Therapy, Corning Life Sciences. “Our new Synthemax II Substrate provides researchers with a flexible and affordable alternative to performing stem cell culture on any vessel.”

Corning announced its first Synthemax surface in early 2010. This new and improved self-coating Corning Synthemax II-SC Substrate is currently a Corning development product (3535XX1) and is:
• Able to coat plastic and glass surfaces;
• Lot-traceable;
• Gamma sterilized; and
• Quality tested for lot-to-lot consistency.

Dr. Julien Maruotti from Johns Hopkins University will present RPE cell culture data on the Corning Synthemax Surface from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, June 16, in Room 301-304 at the ISSCR meeting.

Also in its booth, Corning Life Sciences will showcase its HYPERFlask® M Cell Culture Vessels and its Transwell® Permeable Supports, which are ideal for co-culture of stem cells with feeder layers, drug absorption, or invasive assays.

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