Product News: Corning Introduces Next Generation Epic System for Advanced Life Sciences Research and Drug Discovery

08 Jul 2013

Corning Incorporated introduces the new Corning® Epic® BT System as it continues to drive the evolution of its Epic platform.

Corning’s benchtop label-free detection system features a compact design, a more affordable price point, simple data collection software, and whole microplate analysis using charge-coupled device (CCD) detection of wavelength shift. The new system improves assay capabilities and allows researchers, including academic laboratories, easy access to the Epic technology.

“The new Corning Epic BT is a compact, yet highly versatile, version of Corning’s Epic instrument, building upon its legacy of providing high-quality, label-free technology. It delivers all of the same information as the earlier version while also providing advanced features and functionality, including additional detection modality with valuable cellular information,” said Min Li, Ph.D., professor, Department of Neuroscience and director, Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “We are excited to use this innovative system to develop ion channel assays.”

The Corning Epic BT System is the latest generation of Corning’s original Epic System, introduced in 2006 as the world’s first high-throughput, label-free screening system.

“Corning has a long history of innovation across a number of high-growth industries, including life sciences,” said Todd Upton, manager, Commercial Technology, Corning Life Sciences. “We understand that today’s researchers and laboratories are required to do more with less in shorter amounts of time while continuing to focus on quality. The Corning Epic BT utilizes best-in-class, label-free Epic technology and refined design principles to deliver an affordable, fast, and highly accurate solution.”

The New Corning Epic BT System features:

 - No microplate movement; all wells are analyzed simultaneously
 - Simple data collection software
 - The ability to accept both Corning’s 96- and 384-well Epic microplate formats
 - Enabling of both cell-based and biochemical assays
 - Simplified detection; CCD instead of spectrometers
 - Three-second whole microplate read time to better interpret fast biological events
 - Compact and simplified instrument design
 - Minimal moving parts, which helps reduce maintenance
 - Smaller footprint; can be placed in any non-humidified laboratory incubator
 - The ability to operate at 37 C inside an incubator
 - Reduced cost for broader installation outside HTS core groups
 - With the introduction of Corning Epic BT, researchers now have a convenient and affordable option to access Corning’s high-quality, innovative, label-free Epic technology.

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