Product News: Corning Launches New LSE™ Line to Assist Life Sciences Research

07 Jul 2010

Corning introduces a new LSE™ line designed to assist with life sciences research. The LSE™ range is the first new line to be developed and launched following the acquisition of Axygen and includes liquid-handling, shaker, centrifugation, and constant-temperature equipment.

“The new LSE line is the first new product line to be developed and launched following our strategic acquisition of Axygen,” said Robb D’Amore, business director, Corning Life Sciences. “This launch supports our commitment to supply customers with a comprehensive and innovative line of laboratory research products.”

Corning’s LSE line will consist of the following product categories:
• Liquid Handling: Variable volume pipettors and pipette controllers, complementing Corning’s full line of pipette tips.
• Centrifugation: Mini centrifuge and high-speed microcentrifuge products, complementing Corning’s existing centrifuge tube products.
• Shakers: Vortex mixers, low-speed shakers, orbital shakers, and microplate shakers, complementing Corning centrifuge tubes, glass and plastic Erlenmeyer flasks, and cell-culture sample containers.
• Constant Temperature: Digital dry baths, complementing Corning microtubes, centrifuge tubes, and 0.2 mL to 50 mL sample tubes.

All LSE equipment options will be commercially available in North America beginning in May 2010, and available globally later this year. The line options will have input voltages of 115V and 230V and will feature plug types for the U.S., European, and UK markets. They will also include the required Conformité Européenne (CE) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) marks. For more detailed information about specific LSE equipment, key features, and added benefits, please visit the Company article page link top right of this page.