Product News: Corning® Introduces the HYPERFlask™ Cell Culture Vessel: A Revolutionary Multi-tier Flask

06 Jun 2007

Corning Incorporated, a global supplier of scientific laboratory and drug discovery products for more than 90 years, introduces the HYPERFlask™ vessel for high density cell culture.

The HYPERFlask Cell Culture Vessel is a revolutionary new design that provides ten times more surface growth area than the standard T-175 cm2 flask, with the same external dimensions.

The HYPERFlask vessel is designed for manual use as well as for use in The Automation Partnership SelecT™ automated cell culture system. The flask consists of ten equivalent layers or ‘flaskettes’, each containing a gas permeable cell growth layer, that are joined together to form a multi-layered cell culture vessel. The HYPERFlask vessel incorporates an air gap between each flaskette for optimal gas exchange and each flaskette is treated with the patented Corning CellBIND® Surface for optimum cell attachment and growth.

Cell Culture Scale Up Using a Single HYPERFlask Vessel (100-200 x 106 cells/flask):
  • Freeze 100 cryovials of cells from the same passage (1-2 x 106 cells/vial)
  • Plate 100 – 384 well plates for a cell based assay (5000 cells/well)
  • Transfect 100-200 x 106 cells in a single flask
  • Examples of cells seeded in the HYPERFlask vessel
    • CHO-K1
    • CHO (transfected)
    • HEK293
    • MRC5
    • A459
    • A375
    • CV-1
    • PBMC
    • IMR-32
    • Normal human dermal fibroblasts
    • Vero
    • HT1080

The HYPERFlask cell culture vessel increases cell culture productivity and capacity by reducing processing time and saving on incubator space. Cells harvested for cell based assays have demonstrated similar pharmacology to cells grown in more traditional cell culture vessels. In addition, measuring pH, glutamate, glutamine, potassium, sodium, lactate, ammonia, glucose and osmolarity demonstrated similar cellular metabolism with cells harvested from both cell culture vessels.