Product News: New low-cost automated DNA extraction platform

15 Nov 2006

The cost of automated DNA extraction has been drastically reduced (to about 60 pence per reaction) with the introduction of the X-tractor Gene compact robotic workstation.

Designed as an open platform for walk-away automation, the X-tractor Gene can extract from as few as eight or as many as 96 samples. Sigma-Aldrich have collaborated with Corbett Robotics to produce very low-cost DNA extraction reagents and consolidated protocols that work without modification for most solid and liquid samples, including whole tissue, blood, urine, plants, bacteria etc. Many other readily available commercial kits can also be used with the X-tractor Gene, including kits from Qiagen, Machery-Nagel, Promega, Invitek, Invitrogen, Ambion, Axygen etc. These kits cover diverse applications including DNA isolation, RNA isolation, virus extraction, post-PCR cleanup etc.

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