Product News: Gene-Disc™ 100

15 Nov 2006

Corbett Life Science is pleased to announce the availability of the Gene-Disc 100, the latest sample format for our acclaimed Rotor-Gene 6000 real-time rotary analyzer.

The Gene-Disc format is a one-piece ring of 30 µL vertically-oriented tubes. Vertical orientation makes the discs amenable to automated reaction setup using robotic liquid handling systems like our CAS-1200 PCR setup robot. The Gene-Disc 100 is the rotary equivalent of a 96-well plate, but with an additional 4 wells. The new 100-well discs enable the Rotor-Gene to seamlessly integrate with traditional 96-well laboratory workflow. It also enables hi-throughput HRM (high resolution melt), a signature application of the Rotor-Gene 6000. The new discs are heat-sealed in seconds either permanently or with an optional peel-off seal. Each well of the Gene-Disc 100 is labeled to conform to 96-well plate convention (A1-A12, B1-B12, etc). The additional four reference wells are labeled R1-R4.

“Customer reaction to the 100 wells has been very positive indeed” says John Corbett, Director. “The extra four wells let you run controls or housekeeping reactions without sacrificing any of the 96-well sample positions. We’ve also earmarked the extra wells for the future use of in-tube optical feedback systems currently under development” he said. The Gene-Disc 100 is the second disc-based rotary plate format for the Rotor-Gene. The existing Gene-Disc 72 is similar and employs an identical heat-sealing mechanism but has 72 wells, each equivalent to the standard 0.1 mL reaction tube format.