Product News: contrAA - simultaneous background correction for unambiguous measurement

31 Oct 2008

Aside from the intensity of the analysis line, the spectral environment is also recorded simultaneously. As a result, noise or interference is immediately visible. The need for optimizing or correcting the parameters is identified without additional measurement.

The unique resolution is decisive for the new quality of the measurement results in AAS. Errors, which were caused by the limits of the resolution in traditional line AAS, can be identified for the first time and thereby avoided. The limits of the methods previously used can be seen here and the quality of the HR-CS AAS excels here. Fully automatic background routines use the available reference pixels and, for the first time, enable realtime simultaneous correction.

The contrAA is the first AAS capable of separating broadband and spectral background effects. Simultaneous background correction for a large dynamic linear working range, improved detection limits, eliminating artefacts, correction of direct line superposition and unambiguous measurement results.