Product News: Consolidate all your Veterinary Testing with Randox

18 Feb 2009

Randox offer a range of clinical chemistry analysers which are perfectly suited for today’s veterinary laboratories. The RX Daytona, RX Imola and RX Monza are more than capable of meeting the requirements of your veterinary testing.

By offering consistently high performance across the widest range of assays in their class, and with modern logical software, the RX Daytona and RX Imola offer complete veterinary testing. With extensive features and benefits, the advantages of using an RX Daytona or Imola for veterinary testing are numerous. The systems have a large test menu with over 110 methods as well as having species specific values for several assays. The software used by the analysers is advanced yet easy to use. Based on a Windows® format, functionality is simple, allowing anyone to use it without difficulty. The logical layout and colour coded menus add to the look and usability of the software. The RX Daytona and RX Imola are suited to larger veterinary laboratories due to their high throughput.

The RX Monza is a compact semi-automated clinical analyser with integral screen, keyboard and printer. It has 192 programmable channels and direct access keys for 64 dedicated assays. The RX Monza is versatile, comprehensive and easy to use. This analyser is perfect for smaller veterinary laboratories that require a wide test menu and reliable results.

Randox also provide reagents for use on the RX Series. Randox reagents are internationally recognised for their high quality, accuracy and precision. Not only does Randox provide the systems and the reagents but they also offer an exceptional range of quality control products. Randox QC serum is suited to veterinary laboratories due to the inclusion of common veterinary tests such as D3-hydroxybuterate, NEFA, Bile Acids and Lactate. Randox are the only company to supply all of these parameters as well as many more in a multi-sera chemistry control.

This package of analyser, reagents and quality controls offers your laboratory the convenience of using just one supplier. Contact Randox today and achieve optimum performance in your veterinary laboratory.