Product News: Compact intelligence for ion chromatography

25 Apr 2008

Metrohm's Compact IC instruments have revolutionized IC applications. They now dominate in routine water and environmental analysis involving drinking, surface and ground water as well as effluents. However, while developing the new 881 Compact IC pro and 882 Compact IC plus we had not only these application areas in mind.

Thanks to their outstanding reliability the Compact ICs are being used more and more also in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, their flexibility makes them highly useful for the chemical industry and for food analysis. Small to medium analytical laboratories profit from the excellent price-performance ratio. The low limits of detection achieved by the new Compact ICs allow their use in the energy sector, where we have recently seen a significant widening of the scope of application. Besides the classical analyses in the petrochemical and power plant area, the Compact ICs find increasing use in the analysis of alternative fuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel.

All intelligent functions of the Professional IC instrument series have been integrated into the new compact instruments 881 and 882: iPump, iDetector, iColumn technology. They guarantee precise results and help prevent operator errors. The MagIC Net™ chromatography software controls all system components and surveys all parameters that are relevant to the chromatographic analysis.