Product News: CLC bio's solutions fully compatible with Windows Vista and upcoming Mac OS X Leopard

05 Jul 2007

CLC bio has once again proven their commitment to delivering true cross-platform software and regular updates with new and improved features. With last week's major release of their software workbenches, CLC bio now fully supports Windows Vista, as well as the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard", scheduled for release by Apple Inc. in the fall of 2007.

CLC bio's Vice President, Jan Lomholdt, states
Through our affiliation with Microsoft's BioIT Alliance, and being part of Apple's Solution Provider program, we're always dedicated to supporting the newest operating systems and maintaining our profile as cutting edge bioinformatics solution providers. However, being cross-platform is also a tremendous advantage for our customers as we have eliminated the tedious processes of porting data and establishing workflows across different operating systems, such as Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Last week's major release implies that all CLC bio's workbenches have been improved and numerous new features have been added, to the benefit of upcoming customers as well as the more than 40,000 users around the globe who already use CLC bio's solutions.

CLC bio's premier software solution, CLC Combined Workbench, contains all features from CLC Free Workbench, CLC Protein Workbench, and CLC DNA Workbench (formerly known as CLC Gene Workbench). Furthermore it now also covers all the features from the brand new CLC RNA Workbench, and thus offers even more value for money as the price has not increased.

With CLC RNA Workbench, CLC bio offers a solution, which will help RNA researchers to a considerably more efficient workflow, and thereby also save precious time in the research phases. Furthermore, researchers will get better quality in the results, due to the easy and user-friendly access to the cutting edge algorithms included in this new workbench. CLC bio offers a free 30-day trial of CLC RNA Workbench which can be downloaded from the article webpage.