Product News: Chromatography Solutions for Mass Spec

31 May 2011

Visit Phenomenex in booth 121 to discover how our advanced technologies deliver better separations from sample preparation through final analysis. Attend our breakfast meeting for an in-depth look at Kinetex® 1.7 µm columns, the only sub-2 µm core-shell UHPLC column commercially available. Offering efficiencies and separation unmatched by all other UHPLC columns, Kinetex 1.7 µm columns allow one to get even higher throughput, shorter run times, and better resolution than existing UHPLC methods.

Expanding the Range of UHPLC Selectivity

Two recently introduced Kinetex phases expand the range of selectivity for chromatographers seeking ultra-high performance on any LC system. Kinetex XB-C18 gives superior peak shape and enhanced separation of basic compounds in acidic and neutral pH conditions. Kinetex C8 brings the benefits of core-shell technology to methods that require a USP L7 or other C8 column methods.

No LLE when Extracting Oligo Therapeutics from Tissues/Fluids

In less then 15 minutes and without the use of liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), scientists using Clarity® OTX™ to extract RNA & DNA-based therapeutics from biological fluids & tissues achieve high recoveries and LC/MS sensitivity, dramatically shortening the preclinical and clinical development timeline.

High Performance GFC/SEC Columns for Proteins and Peptides

BioSep™-SEC-S columns offer an optimized solution for Gel Filtration/Size Exclusion of protein and peptide samples covering all molecular weight ranges. These economically priced columns deliver extremely high efficiencies, exceptional column reproducibility, and up to two times the lifetime when compared to other GFC columns on the market.

Poster Presentations

• Rapid, Simultaneous Screen and Confirmation Analysis of Benzodiazepines in Biological Fluids by LC/MS/MS Using C18 Core-shell Column

Monday, June 6
Liming Peng

• Development of Tissue-Specific Isolation and Analysis Methods for Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and their Metabolites by LC/MS

Monday, June 6
Michael McGinley

• A Simplified and Streamlined Approach to Solid Phase Extraction for the New SAMHSA Drugs of Abuse Panel

Tuesday, June 7
Michael Rummel