Product News: ChromaTOF® 4 Now Available from LECO

27 Jun 2008

The latest generation of ChromaTOF®, LECO's exclusive operating platform for its Separation Science instruments, is now available. ChromaTOF 4 offers complete control of Gerstel hardware through a ChromaTOF/Maestro connection for the ability to take advantage of all analysis optimization features. Additional features also include:

• Full support and control of a Shimadzu 2010 GC (domestic customers only)
• Compatibility with LECO's new consumable-free GCxGC thermal modulator
• Improved tools for classification development
• Enhanced functionality of the user interface, including capacity for files up to 4 GB and compatibility with Windows® Vista™ operating systems

ChromaTOF 4 now comes standard with any new Pegasus® HT GCMS or Pegasus 4D GCxGC-MS, TruTOF® HT GCMS, GCxGC, or Unique® HT LCMS instrument, and is also available as an upgrade for existing ChromaTOF versions.