Product News: New UV Monitoring Accessory Increases the Efficiency of the Reaction and Maximises Peptide Quality

06 Sep 2010

A new UV Monitoring System from CEM Corporation is designed to work with CEM's Liberty and Liberty1 Microwave Peptide Synthesizers. The UV Monitor increases the efficiency of the reaction and maximizes peptide quality, while reducing cycle times and reagent usage. The system monitors the deprotection reaction, while the feedback control automatically adjusts the deprotection and coupling conditions in difficult regions of the peptide.

"We are very pleased to be adding UV monitoring capability to our line of microwave peptide synthesizers," said Michael J. Collins, president and CEO of CEM Corporation. "The microwave peptide synthesis process already offers better yields much faster than conventional synthesis and the UV monitor takes that to the next level with the ability to refine the reaction even further for optimal results."

Small and compact, the system features easy-to-use software that generates detailed UV data, as well as plug and play technology that is compatible with both new and older CEM microwave peptide synthesis systems. CEM's groundbreaking microwave peptide synthesis technology and UV monitoring
system are an unbeatable combination for faster synthesis of the highest quality peptides.