Product News: NEW- High Pressure Pyrolysis Instrument for Biofuel Research

12 Mar 2009

CDS has introduced the first and only high-pressure pyrolysis system. Scientists studying new material, such as biomass feedstock, need to understand how these materials break down in a reactor at varying conditions. The high-pressure pyrolyzer allows them to study both high temperature and pressure on a small scale before undergoing the time and expense of scaling up to a pilot reactor. And in addition, the background gas can be carrier gas or a reactant gas such as air or oxygen.

The system uses our field proven model 5200 pyrolyzer which has been modified with a backpressure regulator. Samples can then be pyrolyzed at elevated pressures (500 PSI max) and collected onto the built-in trap. After pyrolysis of the sample is complete, the analytes are transferred to the GC at normal operating conditions. Any reactant gas can be used including H2, O2, CH4 and air.

Maximum pyrolysis temperature is 1400°C at 500 PSI and the system is compatible with all makes of GC and GC-MS systems.