Product News: Medipol University in Istanbul Relies on the Microscopy Equipment of ZEISS

18 Sep 2013

ZEISS has installed 13 systems worth over two million euros at Istanbul Medipol University as well as trained the staff there. Various light microscopes, as well as stereo and confocal microscopes are in operation at the university's Regenerative and Restorative Medical Research Center now. At the same time, the university agreed to sign a cooperation agreement with ZEISS to hold joint workshops and training, as well as to introduce the new light sheet fluorescence microscope system Lightsheet Z.1 to Turkey.

In January 2013, Istanbul Medipol University and the Turkish dealer for ZEISS, Optronik Ltd. Şti., had finalized the paperwork for this order. The public bidding process was very hard-fought. "This order is special because Medipol University now serves as a reference center for ZEISS, the first one in this region", says Jürgen Frank, Market Development Manager Turkey.

As an Advanced Imaging Center, the facility allows ZEISS to offer workshops, training and system demonstrations. Prof. Dr. Gürkan Öztürk, Director of the Regenerative and Restorative Medical Research Center, is responsible for procurement and was a frequent guest at the ZEISS Microscopy Labs in Munich where he was able to evaluate the systems. He was also on hand for the installation of the systems on site and couldn't wait to get to work with the new equipment. "As a new university dedicated to being on the cutting edge of advanced research, we decided to establish the highest technological infrastructure in our Research Center. An advanced microscopy facility harboring all major systems from laser microdissection to multiphoton microscopes was one of our priorities. After months of technical evaluations we decided to partner with ZEISS. I think we have opted for the best systems available", concludes Öztürk.