Product News: Document Your Microscope Images Simply and Securely

30 Jan 2012

Tab4Lab from Carl Zeiss comprises a touch pad and software which when used in combination with the AxioCam ERc 5s camera forms an image recording system.

Based on the established ZEN imaging software which has been specially adapted to be operated via a touchscreen. This minimizes both the learning curve and the time required for routine applications. The workflows are modeled on those used in clinical labs and in quality assurance in industry. The user interface is available in various languages.

Tab4Lab is not dependent on a specific site of use and is therefore particularly suitable for labs where space is a premium. Easy transfer of the image data via SD card or other data carriers also makes the image recording system ideal for use in training. Small groups can discuss microscope photos live and use them for presentations.

Direct and fast image evaluation is a major benefit in the routine environment. Users can provide the microscope photos with a scaling bar and annotate them with markings and texts. Regions of interest can be highlighted and documented for more detailed analysis.