Product News: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Showcased New Products and Technologies at Neuroscience 2011

08 Dec 2011

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, a leading provider of microscopy solutions for a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications, has announced that it launched a range of newly developed products and technologies at Neuroscience 2011 in Washington D.C. from October 13-16. This was also a chance for customers and colleagues to gain more information about Carl Zeiss Microscopy (formerly Carl Zeiss MicroImaging and Carl Zeiss NTS).

The new products that Carl Zeiss Microscopy introduced include the newly expanded ZEN software, now able to control all light microscopy imaging systems to streamline research and training needs. They also showed new Correlative Microscopy, which combines the ultraresolution of electron microscopy with the specific labelling capabilities of fluorescence laser scanning confocal microscopy for a turn-key solution, called Shuttle and Find.

Other new products that Carl Zeiss showed are the Axio Zoom.V16 microscope, which combines the low magnification and wide field view of ZEISS stereomicroscopes with the high numerical aperture and excellent image quality of ZEISS compound microscopes. The AxioVert.A1 inverted routine microscope sets a new standard in quality for entry level, inverted microscopes with Hoffman Modulation Contrast, Differential Interference Contrast, PlasDIC and fluorescence capabilities in one cost effective solution.

Carl Zeiss also gave visitors to their booth the opportunity to demo their broad portfolio of technologies, including the Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, Superresolution, Multiphoton and Laser Scanning Confocal, Spinning Disk Confocal and Structured Illumination.