Product News: CAMAG at ArabLab 2009

19 Dec 2008

CAMAG – your partner for all fields of TLC! CAMAG has a tradition of support for instrumental Thin-Layer Chromatography since 1961. The Swiss company develops and manufactures instruments and associated software for all steps of TLC: Sample Application, Chromatogram Development, Derivatization, Evaluation and Documentation.

CAMAG provides competent customer support and technical service as well as education, training, application support and a range of contract laboratory services. The CAMAG Laboratory offers custom tailored HPTLC solutions. CAMAG has everything a lab may need for Thin-Layer Chromatography.

Important fields of application: Clinical applications, Food & Feed stuff, Pharmaceutical, Analyses of Medicinal plants & Botanicals, Cosmetics, Industrial Applications, Forensics, Environment.

On Arab Lab 2009 CAMAG shows at the BDH Middle East LLC booth:
• CAMAG TLC Visualizer: The most advanced system for evaluation, visualization and archiving of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms.
• CAMAG Automatic Developing Chamber ADC2: for the isocratic development of TLC/HPTLC plates – fully automatic and reproducible.
• smartALERT: dependable monitoring of TLC/HPTLC plate development in a glass development chamber.

For further details on our products please go to the company website.