Product News: Mobile-IR - Portable FT-IR Spectrometer for the Analysis of Unknown Substances

03 Mar 2008

Bruker has leveraged more than 30 years experience in FT-IR spectrometer design to build a new self-contained, portable FT-IR spectrometer, the Mobile-IR. The Mobile-IR complements Bruker’s existing line of civilian and military field-based chemical detection systems. The system is based on the same, patented, RockSolid™ technology that has been proven worldwide in thousands of spectrometers in laboratory, process and field use.

The Mobile-IR is insensitive to vibration, with the entire FT-IR spectrometer, data and ATR sample handling system assembled into a rugged, weatherproof transport case. The easy to use software incorporated into the touch screen computer allows the system to be used with minimal operator training. The Mobile-IR is ready for operation in minutes, with analysis times of only seconds. Unknown material is automatically identified and results are displayed clearly on the screen. The Mobile-IR is designed for easy cleaning and decontamination after use. If desired, the analysis results can be transmitted via USB, Ethernet, or wireless interfaces.

The sampling interface allows easy measurement of small amounts of powder, paste, liquid, as well as pieces of unknown material. The sampling interface and the large sets of reference libraries make the Mobile-IR suitable for a wide range of applications. This versatile system can be used by first responders to identify hazardous substances, by law enforcement for field tests at clandestine drug labs and other crime scenes, by customs and coastguard personnel for testing of contraband, and for on-site environmental testing. The system is also ideal for industrial product and quality control outside the laboratory.