Product News: New Tester Provides Confidence in Pipette Performance

21 Feb 2012

The BRAND PLT™ Pipette Leak Tester provides a quick daily functional check of air displacement pipettes. By ruling out leakage, the cause of most pipetting inaccuracy, it provides an extra level of assurance between instrument calibrations.

An entirely new class of device, the PLT™ quantifies leakage from the entire pipette system and provides a simple PASS/FAIL result for all common brands and sizes of pipettes. PASS/FAIL criteria are based on data generated over 35 years, failing instruments will exhibit gravimetrically detectable errors. Instruments can be tested with or without tips, statically or dynamically, providing diagnostic assistance in case of pipette failure. Testing takes only seconds, intuitive menu-driven software combined with a jog-wheel and affirmative/negative buttons, makes it easy to select the correct test parameters. An optional four channel adapter allows for rapid testing of multichannel pipettes. Integrated self-diagnostics ensure reliable results.

The PLTTM can be seen on booth 1853 at Pittcon 2012 in March.