Product News: New Multi-Purpose Vacuum Pump from BrandTech® Scientific

19 Nov 2012

BrandTech® has introduced the new VACUUBRAND® MZ2C NT +AK+M+D, a dry diaphragm vacuum pump integrated with the essential accessories for basic rotary evaporation and other common laboratory tasks, all at an attractive price.

The heart of the system is VACUUBRAND’s powerful MZ2C NT chemistry-design oil-free pump with a 5 Torr ultimate vacuum, and 38 liter per minute free air capacity—powerful enough for most laboratory-sized tasks, such as gel drying, rotary evaporators and smaller vacuum ovens. A flow control knob helps match pumping speed to vapor flow to quietly help prevent bumping and foaming, and an inlet catch pot helps keep condensate from compromising vacuum performance. A Bourdon dial vacuum gauge, and space-saving stand completes the package.

Ultra-low maintenance with no oil to monitor or change, and no cold trap is required to protect the pump. Typical service interval is well in excess of 10,000 operating hours.