Product News: More Flexibility with ELISA Applications

07 May 2011

A critical component for the high specificity and selectivity of ELISA testing is the effective binding of antigens or antibodies to the surface of the microplates. With the new strip plates for immunological applications BRAND significantly extends the wide range of BRANDplates® microplates.

BRANDplates® 96-well strip plates 12 x F8 have ideal optical characteristics and are manufactured according to ANSI/SBS standards. They offer high flexibility as the user can decide on the number of cavities that will be used. To fit any application, strip plates are available without or with grid in versions with high-binding capacity or medium-binding capacity.

immunoGrade™ Surface with high-binding capacity, optimized for the immobilization of IgG and molecules with mixed hydrophobic and hydrophilic areas

pureGrade™ Non-treated surface with medium-binding capacity, slightly more hydrophobic than immunoGrade™

Strip plates without grid 12 strips of 8 wells with flat bottom in a frame. Individual strips can be removed from the frame and can be reinserted. The strips are not divisible.

Strip plates with grid 12 strips of 8 wells with flat bottom, separable in a frame with a 96 place grid. Individual strips are removable and can be reinserted into the frame plate. If necessary, the strips can be divided into 8 single vessels and can be reinserted individually into the frame plate.