Product News: Dispensing For Trace Analysis

07 Jun 2011

In trace analysis high-purity acids, bases and hydrogen peroxide are dispensed. However, measurement results must not be influenced by impurities. Therefore highest standards are set on the materials of bottle-top dispensers, which are ideal for this application as they can be mounted directly on the reservoir bottles.

The new Dispensette® TA from BRAND provides outstanding performance for precise volume dispensing of high-purity media for trace analysis. The components of the fluid path have been selected to only contain the highest purity materials, such as fluoroplastics PFA and PTFE and sapphire. Depending on application, either platinum-iridium or tantalum valve springs can be chosen.
The Dispensette® TA has been extensively tested for its use in trace analysis. Tests in independent expert laboratories indicate a high acceptance for the trace analysis. The trace metal conatmination is in the low ppb range, or, even in the ppt range. The Dispensette® TA is offered with an adjustable volume range of 1 to 10 ml.

If the piston seal is worn after an extended period of use, the entire dispensing cartridge can easily be replaced by the user. The replacement cartridge is fully adjusted at the factory and delivered with a performance certificate. No calibration is required after replacement.

Depending on application the following options are available:
• Valve spring of platinum-iridium
• Valve spring of tantalum

If required the Dispensette® TA can also be equipped with SafetyPrimeTM recirculation valve.

The Dispensette® TA is also suitable for dispensing of hydrofluoric acid. As hydrofluoric acid slightly interferes with sapphire marginally higher aluminum values are obtained.

Please find more information on the new bottle-top dispenser Dispensette® TA at the company article page or in the new leaflet which is available in 5 languages.