Product News: BRANDplates® – The New Range of Microplates

31 May 2011

The 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates from BRAND are available in a wide variety of bottom shapes
(U-/V-/F-/C-bottom) and materials (transparent, white or black). Specific surface treatment results in 8 different surface types to fulfill the needs of a broad range of cell culture-, immunology- and standard applications:

• Non-treated surfaces: pureGradeTM, pureGradeTM S
• Immunological surfaces: immunoGradeTM, hydroGradeTM, lipoGradeTM
• Cell culture surfaces: cellGradeTM, cellGradeTM plus, cellGradeTM premium

BRANDplates® are alphanumerically labelled, stackable and compatible with most standard readers and washers. They meet the standards ANSI/SBS 1 through 4-2004.

New in the range are the 96-well strip plates 12 x F8. They offer high flexibility as the user can decide on the number of cavities that will be used. To fit any application, strip plates are available without or with grid in versions with high-binding capacity (immunoGradeTM) or medium-binding capacity (pureGradeTM).

BRANDplates® are manufactured under clean room conditions according to ISO 14644-1 class 5 to 8, are tested in independent accredited laboratories and can be used for the most demanding tasks.