Product News: BMG LABTECH to Showcase Microplate Technology at Analytica 2010

10 Mar 2010

BMG LABTECH will be showcasing a range of microplate readers, including the PHERAstar FS reader. Based on Tandem Technology, the PHERAstar FS high-end plate reader incorporates two technological concepts: an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer for full spectrum absorbance measurements from 220-1000 nm and high-performance assay specific filter-based Optic Modules for all other detection modes.

The PHERAstar FS also features a UV laser dedicated for TR-FRET measurements such as HTRF®, an AlphaScreen® laser, Simultaneous Dual Emission detection, advanced top/bottom reading including high-resolution cell layer scanning, and on-board reagent injection for precision kinetic measurements.

The PHERAstar FS comes with a comprehensive software package including established Reader Control and powerful MARS Data Analysis Software. For rapid mid-throughput plate handling, the 50 microplate capacity Stacker can be added to the PHERAstar FS and all other BMG LABTECH microplate readers. For High-Throughput Screening, the PHERAstar FS can also be controlled through ActiveX or DDE interfaces for easier robotic integration. The ASCII data output is the most versatile in the industry and works with all LIMS and automation platforms.