Product News: Bitplane Launches Software for Instantaneous Visualisation of Multi-GB Non-Imaris Files

13 Mar 2014

Bitplane, an Oxford Instruments Company and the world leader in 2 to 4D image visualization, analysis and interpretation, have announced the launch of Imaris 7.7. This landmark iteration of Imaris harnesses the power of parallel processing, enabling impressive performance improvements in both visualization and analysis. Moreover, enhancements to the native IMS file format enable lag-free access to statistics. Imaris 7.7 also includes a redesigned Cells detection wizard and rendering engine further improving the quality and reproducibility of cellular analyses.

IMARIS 7.7 is 40x faster at creating the first interactive visualization, over 2x faster at detecting and tracking objects, and offers a new, highly optimized Cells detection wizard. These remarkable features, together with Imaris’ renowned ease-of-use, are highly appreciated by both novice and advanced (bio) imaging scientists.

Dr Luciano Lucas, Product Manager and Head of Sales for Bitplane, said; “Imaris 7.7 offers scientists that do longitudinal studies a remarkable productivity tool leaving more time to critically interpret results. Moreover, I7.7 paves the way for a series of Bitplane developments that are highly focused on scientific excellence, leading performance and reproducibility.”