BioTek to Present Latest Microplate Instrumentation at MipTec 2010

15 Sep 2010
BioTek’s newest products will be featured, including the new, patent-pending Synergy™ H1 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader. This cost-efficient quadruple-grating monochromator-based reader can be upgraded to a true, flexible hybrid reader with the addition of filter-based optics. The result is a highly versatile microplate reader for current and future assays. The Synergy H1 is compatible with BioTek’s Take3™ Multi-Volume Plate for multi-volume, multi-sample measurements in 2 μL microspots, BioCells or standard cuvettes.

BioTek’s newest addition to the microplate dispenser product line is the 1-to-4 reagent MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispenser. This all-in-one dispenser dispenses up to four independent and parallel reagents in 1 μL to 3 mL volumes into 6- to 1536-well microplates and microtubes. Additionally, peristaltic pump and microprocessor-controlled syringe pumps allow any dispensing combination to be chosen and upgraded as necessary, and MultiFlo is robotic-friendly. MultiFlo is controlled via the familiar instrument keypad or Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) PC software.

BioTek’s poster presentations at MipTec include:

• Homogeneous Cell-based Signal Transduction Assays using AlphaScreen® SureFire® and a Novel 3D Cell Culture Matrix
• HTRF® Ligand Binding Assay for the Chemokine Receptor CXCR4
• Automation of a Live-Cell Assay to Interrogate GPCRs by monitoring cAMP Levels using a Bioluminescent Readout
• Concerted Microplate-Based Formulation Screening and Protein Refolding Detection Platform for Solubilization of Recombinant Proteins from Inclusion Bodies
• Use of a Flexible Multipurpose Automated 1536-well Microplate Dispenser for HTS

Additionally, BioTek will present, “Rapid assessment of aggregates in protein-based pharmaceuticals” in conjunction with Enzo Life Sciences on Tuesday, September 21 at the Main Entrance Hall 1.0.

For more details on BioTek’s products and technologies visit booth J43.

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