Product News: BioTek Receives Transcreener® Far Red FP Certification from BellBrook Labs for Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

30 Jul 2008

BioTek Instruments, Inc., a global authority on microplate technology, has received Transcreener® Far Red FP Certification from BellBrook Labs for its Synergy™ 4 and Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers. This certification ensures that BioTek's microplate readers are validated to strict standards in instrument setup and assay performance.

The patented Transcreener HTS assay platform is a universal, high throughput biochemical assay group that detects nucleotides formed by thousands of cellular enzymes, many of which catalyze the covalent regulatory reactions that are central to cell signaling and are high value targets in drug discovery applications. The Transcreener platform uses a far red shifted dye to overcome compound interference and relies on a proprietary fluorescence detection method, read using BioTek's Synergy 2 and Synergy 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers, to enable an entire family of enzymes to be screened using a single set of detection reagents. No other HTS platform has the potential to eliminate costly assay development for so many drug targets to this degree.

Commenting on the certification, Bob Lowery, CEO of BellBrook Labs stated, "BellBrook's primary goal is to accelerate the discovery of innovative new therapies for debilitating diseases, and the Transcreener Platform has already had a big impact by enabling our customers to screen a very diverse collection of promising, yet challenging targets. Making this capability broadly accessible requires straightforward implementation on the major instrument platforms, and our partnership with BioTek is a major step in this direction."

BioTek's patent-pending Synergy 4 Hybrid Microplate Reader is the first in its class to combine sensitive filter-based and flexible quadruple monochromator-based fluorescence detection technology in one compact unit. Using Hybrid Technology™, customers can now benefit from endless flexibility and true multi-detection for an unlimited number of current and future microplate-based assays. In addition, Synergy 4 includes Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence, Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, and UV-Visible Absorbance. 
The Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader incorporates modular detection modes for Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, Time Resolved Fluorescence, Luminescence and UV-visible Absorbance. Synergy 2 uses a unique combination of monochromator and filter technologies as well as three broad-spectrum light sources for optimal illumination to provide the best possible level of performance in all detection modes without performance degradation.