BioTek Launches Next Generation Microplate Washer Platform

31 Mar 2010
BioTek’s new ELx50™ Microplate Strip Washer platform brings flexibility by providing a compact 3-in-1 solution for automating complex washing steps in many 96-well based assays including standard ELISA, biomagnetic bead separation and polystyrene vacuum filtration including the popular Luminex xMap® MultiPlex Assay technology. Other popular applications include vacuum filter-to-waste for PCR cleanup, washing in cell-based assays, and washing protein arrays spotted in microplate wells.

This newest version of the popular ELx50 Automated Microplate Washer provides a modular 3-in-1 platform, bridging the gap between manual washing and higher throughput automated systems. The ELx50 uses a unique microprocessor controlled syringe fluid system for precise control over multiple flow rates. Each unit features integrated dispense and aspirate pumps. High-strength biomagnetic separation offers superior micrometer and nanometer bead retention in flat-bottom, round-bottom and half area microplates. Vacuum filtration is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of polystyrene beads washing with filter-bottom plates including filter-to-waste processing when used with various filter pore sizes and sample viscosities.

“This latest innovation is a result of BioTek’s 25 years of advanced microplate washing expertise and continues our long history of innovation here at BioTek,” remarks Jason Greene, Product Marketing Manger at BioTek.

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