Product News: BioTek Instruments Launches Gen5™ Version 1.08.4

10 Apr 2009

Gen5™ Microplate Data Analysis Software, from BioTek Instruments, continues to enhance performance, reliability and versatility in BioTek's microplate detection instruments. Newly released Gen5 version 1.08.4 provides new features to enhance enterprise-wide user management and system notifications.

Gen5 Secure and Gen5CL now offer a Windows Authentication (Single Sign On) option to allow users to access Gen5 without having to login. This feature allows more efficiency in the administration and authentication of user credentials while reducing potential password fatigue among users.

Also featured in v 1.08.4 is the ability to have Gen5 alert designated users to certain events during routine use. For example, a user can be notified when the plate reading process run is completed, or when data has successfully been exported, among other events. The e-mail notification option is available in Gen5 Secure and Gen5CL and is customizable to meet the laboratories needs. This feature is especially beneficial when the plate reader system is run in an automated system or when the reader system is not always conveniently accessible.

For added data exporting capability, Gen5 v 1.08.4 expands the data sets that can be defined in an export table or matrix to include system or user-generated data objects. This added flexibility increases Gen5's ability to quickly export user required data to a LIMs or LIS programs.