Product News: BioTek Instruments and Promega Simplify the Determination of Cell-based Mechanisms of Toxicity with Automated Solutions

16 Apr 2009

BioTek Instruments along with Madison, Wisconsin based Promega Corporation, demonstrate the use of Promega's microwell cell-based assays in a triplex format to generate more biologically relevant data per single well with straightforward and cost-effective automated systems such as BioTek's Precision™ Automated Microplate Pipetting Systems.

The collaboration commenced at LabAutomation 2009 with a presentation of the scientific poster "Automated Triplex Assay to Assess Cell Viability, Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis." The poster detailed automation of a triplex application to evaluate the effects of compounds on cell viability, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis over time. Using BioTek's Precision XS Automated Sample Processor for all dispensing steps in conjunction with Promega's cell-based assays, provides a small-scale, cost effective cell-based screening method to obtain more biologically relevant data per well.

According to Jason Greene, BioTek Product Manager, "The Precision's affordability, ease of use, and small size lends itself to the small scale automation of Promega's robust cell-based assays for any laboratory."